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About IDfotos

We are a Danish company founded in 2019 with two goals, to make it easier and cheaper to get an ID photo for your passport, driver's license, bus card and other identification.

Our core product is approved ID photos with a service that follows you from start to finish. In order for you to take the perfect ID photos, we use advanced technology in our app idphotos. It is also free and is available for both Ios and Android. We are in several languages ​​and in several countries.

We know that a passport photo that is not good enough is a waste of your time and money, therefore all submitted photos are checked by competent staff.

If your photo does not meet current requirements, you will receive an email from us describing what you need to change. This prevents you from paying for a useless photo. We guarantee that you will get a usable photo.

With us, quality and conscience are connected

We do not compromise on quality. We use the best products on the market.

The ink we use is so high quality that it can keep your pictures neat for up to 300 years, but you probably will not need it.

Your photos have a good conscience. To keep CO2 emissions as small as possible, everything is produced with solar energy. The entire office is powered by solar energy.