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Can I take a passport photo myself?

Yes you may. There are no requirements for who takes the picture, but only requirements for the picture to comply with specific requirements.

When do I receive the pictures?

It depends on whether you order them with fast delivery or as usual. mail. With fast delivery, it takes 1-2 working days.

With alm. mail can take 4-5 days. The delivery day is not included.

We send them with Postnord and if you order before 20.00 they will be sent the following day at 7.00.

Can I be sure they will be approved?

Yes, 99% sure.

All photos are checked by our photo experts.

Should it unexpectedly not be approved, you will receive new photos free of charge.

Can I use the selfie camera?

Yes, you can, but you need to make sure there is plenty of light. The selfie camera may have a small resolution.

In many cases, the image will be discarded by the police if the resolution is too small.

If you use selfie camera and the resolution is too small, we should probably discover it. So no worries.

Where should I take the picture?

You can take the picture where you want, but the best result you get inside a place where there is a lot of light e.g. from a window.

It is important that there are no shadows or too much light in some places on the face. Make sure your face is evenly lit.

What about the background?

The IDfotos app has one of the world's best background removal features. So do not think about it.

Smart solution for passport photos of children

All photos are checked both technically and by a photo expert.

Passport photo for driving license - easy, fast and cheap

Passport photo for driving license - easy, fast and cheap

We guarantee that your photo can be approved by the authorities. No cure no pay

Prices and payment of photos

Prices and payment of photos

Good treatment and secure payment